GB Sciences is a research and production company specializing in cannabinoid therapies and certified medical cannabis products.
The GB Sciences team has a comprehensive approach for introducing new therapies into the market and fast tracking medicinal cannabis products to a national level.
GB Drug Discovery
• From Plant to Medicine
• Strain to Aliment Selection
• Drug Discovery App
• Big Data
• Patents
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• Product Claims
• Medical Research
• Lab Testing
• Clinical Trials
• FDA Compliance
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GB Drug Discovery
GB Solutions
• Harnessing Genetic Potential
• Tissue Prorogation
• Cultivation Methodology
• Certified Raw Ingredients
• International Strategies
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• Manufacturing Supply Chain
• Industrial Design
• Cultivation Technology
• Systems Validation
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Certified Raw Materials
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GB Solutions
GB Product
• Extraction Lab
• Production Development
• Bioceutical 
• Cosmeceutical
• Pharmaceutical
• Distribution Channels
• Branding
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• Product Design
• Compound Formulations
• Delivery Devices 
• Packaging
• Branding
• Marketing
• Distribution
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GB Product
Inspired by nature – Created for patients
Our Novel Approach to Cannabis-Based Medicine
GrowBlox Sciences (OTCQ GBLX) – merges state-of-the-art technologies in plant biology, cultivation and post-production processes in order to optimize safe, consistent medical Cannabis. The company is pioneering technologies and industry-leading processes in combination with a Big Data-driven clinical research and development program to bring relief to patients in communities across the country.
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