GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) | Agriculture Meets Biotech

GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. is pioneering the medical marijuana industry by combining Agriculture with Biotechnology. The Company’s cutting-edge cultivation technology allows for exact and consistent growth of the highest medical-grade cannabis for direct dispensary sale of the cannabis plant, marijuana. Moreover, their cannabinoid research and extraction process adds a biotech element to manufacture and acquire strains of medical cannabis and cannabis oils to treat patients with specific medical conditions.

Our Mission

To create the trusted brand of technology that empowers patients with access to the benefits of medicinal-grade cannabis, and to become the trusted producer of consistent and efficacious medicinal cannabis strains and product lines. MORE INFO

Our Vision

To become fully vertically integrated from seed to sale & cannabinoid extraction for FDA Approval. Our vision is to create the most trusted brand of technology that produces consistent and efficacious medical-grade cannabis and specialized concentrates in order to improve patient’s quality of life. MORE INFO

Our Focus

Our focus is to bring to market, cutting-edge technologies to commercially cultivate and produce medical-grade cannabis and cannabis concentrates. These medical-grade products will provide patients with valuable medicines that make a real difference to their quality of life. MORE INFO

The GrowBLOX

The company’s key technology is the patent-pending indoor agricultural growing chamber known as, the GrowBLOX™. The GrowBLOX™ is a controlled-climate indoor agricultural growing chamber designed and engineered to cultivate medical-grade cannabis plants. The GrowBLOX™ chambers create the ideal growing environment for each plant by monitoring and adjusting the light, humidity, nutrition, temperature and aeration, while excluding outside stresses like, toxins, pathogens and pests. All environmental parameters in the chambers are pre-programmed for each unit and customized to achieve the desired potency for each strain. This ensures the composition and yield from each batch will reflect the genetic makeup of the plants consistently for every harvest. The unique advantage of the GrowBLOX™ chambers is the ability to experiment and accurately replicate a wide range of environmental conditions and nutrient combinations. By utilizing the GrowBLOX™ chambers, we are able to maximize the efficacy and potency of specific cannabis strains. The cultivation parameters can be varied from chamber to chamber, making it possible to test a variety of growing environments more effectively and allows for customization of program settings for each cultivar or strain. We believe that the GrowBLOX™ cultivation method will make it possible to provide patients with specific treatment options and consistently deliver the quality and efficacy expected from a medical-grade cannabis product. MORE INFO

(GBLX) Pharmacuetical Research

GrowBLOX™ Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) endeavors to pursue the research, testing, and development of treatment options using the phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Cannabis sativa contains 70 naturally occurring cannabinoids. These cannabinoids, either in isolated form or in varying combinations within strains of cannabis plants, are either proven, or have the potential, for treatment of numerous conditions, including pain; nausea, seizure and inflammation reduction; tumor inhibition; psychotic and anxiety issues; and muscle spasms.

In response to traditional pharmaceutical research and development challenges, GBLX seeks to provide two answers. First, the GrowBLOX™ controlled indoor growing system will provide researchers with a supply of cannabis containing consistent cannabinoid levels from harvest to harvest, thus removing environmental variables.

Second, the company will add an accelerated near-term phase to a longer-term traditional pharmaceutical product development pipeline to fast-track treatments to market. The accelerated method, in partnership with respected, independent labs, will include exploring existing cannabinoid patents, receiving licensing for selected product prototypes and testing through human trial phases for FDA approval, and co-developing the resulting drugs/treatments for marketing and sale. The accelerated phase of the process would shorten the anticipated time from an average of 15 years/$1 billion to an estimated 3.5 years/$7-20 million. The longer-term traditional pipeline approach would allow GBLX to capture more of the value created from its cannabis-derived extracts using a vertically-integrated model that also addresses applications for multiple illnesses, as well as, producing revenue through licensing opportunities to be explored simultaneously.